Pilgrimage for my father

Pilgrimage for my father

I take the journey to where I knew you best,

The best you.

Sweet memories flicker in between fractures of brokenness.

Johannesburg Sterlizia’.

Gorgeous, orange diving bird of paradise.

Red sand and rocks.

Familiar yet foreign.

We begin the pilgrimage to where I touched reality beyond life,

The true you.

Laughter, joyful, grateful, excited.

Present and at peace.

Is this the last place I will know you?

Colours, smells, the feel of the air.

Even the food is just you.

My father, whom I loved

and wanted to be snuggled and tickled by and played with.

Here in the quiet of the night, the peace,

I think maybe I have met the place that is closest to who you were meant to be.

And closest to where you are now,

Do you see the sunsets like I see here?

Are the skies filled with lilac breasted rollers?

Do you think of me when you see them?


I know you do.

You all do.