The Beauty of Withness

Hey! I’m Sarah Portal and welcome to The Beautiful Withness! Sometimes existing words are not enough to convey the magnitude of an idea. So sometimes we have to make one up. Withness is the word I use to describe the presence of love with you that is wholehearted and unchanging in its constancy. It is different from ‘presence’ in that one can be present in body and yet absent in spirit and heart. This kind of love sees. It is a love that is always with you. This is the love that I believe is the very essence of Jesus and therefore as followers of Jesus the love that we get to embody and share with one another.


What exactly is Withness?

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Writing for all seasons in life

Through the words on this blog, I explore and share what I have learned about love, loss, grief, trauma, and ultimately resilience. It is my dream to create a space for growth and learning together through discovering what healing looks like in the face of suffering. My greatest desire is for you as you interact with these words, you discover how deeply loved you are, and how that love has never left your side. Through this love , you will be able to bring the fullness of love to others who find themselves in the darkness of pain. 

This is the love that I call The Beautiful Withness.