Brave, Safe and Free

Brave, safe and Free

Fighting the cravings, braving the turkey,
Escaping memories, the past is murky.
Friends hold hands, pray through fear,
Remind in the pain, that God’s still here.
Shivering, sleeping, waking, choking,
Covered in sweat the bed is soaking.

You are brave.

Light seeps through and breath is drawn,
The muezzin signals the break of dawn.
Roll over in bed, pillow over head,
A few more hours before sleep is shed.
Time to wake, begin new rhythm.
Coffee, cigarettes, porridge with cinnamon.

You are Safe.

Prayers, conversation,
step work, revelation.
Cooking, building, baking, making,
Shouting, crying, no more faking.
Broken bones, broken hearts,
Broken dreams, healing starts.

You are Free.

With each new day a choice is made,
To resist the dark and ignore the crave,
Just for today, you choose the light,
Breathe in life and choose to fight.
A little seed becoming a tree,
‘cause you are brave, safe and free.


SJP- 2015