Grief is a riptide. When they die, you feel as if you did too. Like the churn of an angry wave about to break on land. Suspended for a moment with the force of rage behind you, But a moment, is all you have. thrown against the sand in a winding, bruising, slam.

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Pilgrimage for my father

I take the journey to where I knew you best, The best you. Sweet memories flicker in between fractures of brokenness. Johannesburg Sterlizia’. Gorgeous, orange diving bird of paradise. Red sand and rocks. Familiar yet foreign.

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Brave, Safe and Free

Fighting the cravings, braving the turkey, Escaping memories, the past is murky. Friends hold hands, pray through fear, Remind in the pain, that God’s still here. Shivering, sleeping, waking, choking, Covered in sweat the bed is soaking.

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if the world were a plateau

if the world were a plateau how boring that would be, no mountains, no oceans, no natural majesty.

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