The greatest of these is love.

For eleven months after my mother was diagnosed with cancer, I believed for her healing. I prayed, I declared, I prophesied. We travelled the world to places where people were healed, either supernaturally or through medical intervention. We recorded her test results, harrowing as they were, so that one day, when she was healed, we’d have proof that she was ever sick at all.

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Grief is a riptide. When they die, you feel as if you did too. Like the churn of an angry wave about to break on land. Suspended for a moment with the force of rage behind you, But a moment, is all you have. thrown against the sand in a winding, bruising, slam.

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if the world were a plateau

if the world were a plateau how boring that would be, no mountains, no oceans, no natural majesty.

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10 years without her

10 years without her As we move toward Christmas and New Year, like others I find myself reflecting. It’s been a brutal two years in so many ways for the world, and for me personally. Yet this year also brought…

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